Animate Your Business!

The cost of animated video has fallen dramatically over the last decade. Only recently has good quality animation been accessible to businesses, so now it’s time to start taking advantage of animated film, rather than relying upon the usual talking head style corporate promo!

Nothing sticks in the memory like a really bold and beautiful animation. Outlandish colours saturate the screen, altering the perception of reality and transform into eye catching messages that will capture the viewer’s attention. With a totally unique colour palette, set of characters and style of direction, you can wow your clients with a striking and spectacular visual feat that will burn into their retinas and leave an indelible mark in their minds.

Effective Animated Video

Our award winning team of animators love to push the limits, imparting their own personal flair on all the projects we commission. Want a sketchy hand drawn piece full of heart felt emotion? Got it! A blocky colourful cartoon? It’s yours. Sterling, sleek and shiny computer graphics? Say no more.