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Genyx|Training Methodolgy

Uniqueness in Genyx Training:

  • Since Genyx is into software development, we have domestic/international clients wherein we develop customised applications to any complexity. We have company products focussing on educational, logistics, travel & related industries. The students who get trained will work on either client projects or company projects. We never waste either our time or student’s time working on dummy projects.

  • As per Genyx management & tech team we believe that theory concepts training will contribute only 40% of learning towards any technology, rest 60% of knowledge can be gained only by practical i.e. working on project

Eg1: Candidate/Student learns only theory – Yes he knows the entire concept, but theory is just to write your academic exams & get marks. In an IT industry only practical concepts work, so you can nowhere get into any company.

Eg2: Candidate/Student learns theory & will work on practical’s i.e. examples & dummy projects – Yes he/she is perfect with concepts & can solve some examples, but today IT industry is no where working only with basics. Industries having high expectations will look forward for a candidate who has ability to solve complexities. In this scenario also candidate fails to get into IT industry

Eg3: Candidate/Student learns theory, and then work on small examples, later works with development team on a client project/company project & Soft skills – Yes now a candidate is masters in that technology, he/she has theoretical knowledge, when & where to apply those concepts in a application, ability to solve complexities, complete SDLC, corporate/IT working culture, team work etc… What more a company recruiting you will require, yes you can confidently face any interviews. This is our way of working at Genyx

  • We have seen many candidates/students too good in technology & they not able to communicate the same or face the interviews confidently or vice versa. We @ Genyx make sure that every loop hole where a candidate fails to clear the interview is keenly observed & provide complete solution. So every interview has to turn out to be a Job offer.

  • We have very minimal students in a batch, since we concentrate on quality not on the quantity. Quality training with job driven approach has been very successful @ Genyx.

  • 100% industry certified trainers, who handle corporate trainings for fresher’s & experienced people too.