Genyx provides E-mail marketing services for small, medium and enterprise business and also for non-profits.

Email marketing can be an incredibly powerful advertising avenue for any organization, big or small. The problem is that many of our competitors do not offer the quality of services, or the tools, required to allow you to take full advantage of a well-crafted email campaign.

Genyx knows what your needs are, and thy push the boundaries of their craft. You’ll find their expectation of excellence is unrelenting.

Genyx Mailer will flip the world for their clients so thy will achieve the best performance and results from their campaigns to reach full potential and client’s exposure helping them to grow and be the most successfully possible.

Genyx  knows what your needs are, and they put them at the heart of their company. In this Genyx Mailer aims to take the industry lead in service and technology.

Whatever your requirements, it is their aim to not only meet them, but exceed them. That’s the Genyx Promise!

Professional tools to design your email campaign from the very beginning, regardless of skill level. with templates that are fresh, sleek, and professional.

Unsure how to proceed? Don’t worry, Genyx staff are on hand 24/7 to give you advice; and offer a range of premier services where their experts will design and put their campaign together for you.

Want to know how many people are opening your emails? Curious to see which recipients are clicking which links? Genyx will provide this information to you in an easily digestible format, letting you perfect your email list, targeting specific users.

1 Month Plan
Number of Emails Validity Price in INR Price in US Dollar Order Now
25000 1 MONTH RS 900 $15
50000 1 MONTH RS 1200 $20
100000 1 MONTH RS 2000 $34
200000 1 MONTH RS 3000 $50
300000 1 MONTH RS 4000 $67
500000 1 MONTH RS 5000 $84
1000000 1 MONTH RS 7000 $117
3 Months Plan
Number of Emails Validity Price in INR Price in US Dollar Order Now
25000 3 MONTH RS 1200 $20
50000 3 MONTH RS 1500 $25
100000 3 MONTH RS 2500 $42
200000 3 MONTH RS 4000 $67
300000 3 MONTH RS 5000 $84
500000 3 MONTH RS 6000 $100
1000000 3 MONTH RS 8000 $134