Our Android Application Testers & Developers:

Our Android app developers and testers are well-equipped to handle the latest Android application development processes as they are well updated about the new emerging trends in the Android market. Our Android app developers and testers have undergone training that enables them to come up with the best app development for Android. Our main forte is our user-friendly Android applications that can be operated by anybody.

Benefits of Android:

  • Android creates an ecosystem between the Android developer, user, manufacturer and the Android development company which leads to a win-win relationship for all.

  • Being an open source OS created by Google, Android enjoys a lot of developer and community support.

  • Neosoft is an end-to-end Android application development company, providing android app development services at affordable cost and the best turnaround.

Android Development Technologies :

Our Android application development team is highly skilled in technologies needed for custom application development:

  • Android Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • OpenGL API
  • Location API
  • Multimedia API
  • Java / J2ME
  • C++
  • Android NDK
  • SQL Lite Database

Custom Android Application Development

We have been developing apps for Android since the early days of the platform. Today we can proudly declare that our portfolio has expanded to a vast array of fields:
  • M-commerce

  • Sports

  • Entertainment

  • Banking

  • Location Based

  • Productivity

  • Social Networking

  • News